Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Health QOD: Do You Drink Kombucha?

QOD means Question of the Day. (Or Questions.)

What is a common New Year Resolution that people often make? TO BE HEALTHIER! So we focus on our mental and physical health, wellness and fitness.

We all know our own bad eating and exercising habits.

We all know that nobody can change those bad habits but us.

We all have to make a conscientious effort to determine to be the best that we can be ~ mind, body, and soul. 

But how do we do that?

Most of us start with the outside, that is, our body; and we decide to change what we put inside, that is, what we eat and what we drink. One time, I overheard a person say: “I would have taken better care of my body if I had known I was going to be around this long.”

Those words should be taken to heart. Ignore the advice of those who have no hope for tomorrow and say "Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die".

Instead, think to yourself: "If we're going to have our body for a long time, then we should take care of our body, in the hope that we will be blessed to enjoy good health until we die!”

One last quote:
"Kombucha is a mysterious concoction made of live bacteria and yeast and it's becoming all the rage among the same health-seeking crowd that just last year was guzzling pomegranate and a├žai berry juices." (Source: Chew On This on NBC).

That being said we make a serious effort to find out how to develop healthy eating and drinking habits, which brings me to the "Health QOD (Questions of the Day)":

  • Do you drink kombucha?
  • Homemade or store-bought?
  • Do you have a flavor you like?